Friday, September 9, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Today was great. For starters we slept in until 10:30 am which felt amazing. Sleepwise, we had gotten six total hours of sleep in the past two days. So a solid 10 or so feels amazing.

We made arrangements to meet at Dixie Crossroads, a seafood restaurant in Titusville, with a couple other Tweeps at 1 pm. To kill some time we decided to check out some museums and memorials in the area. We looked at an astronaut memorial which was really cool. 

Ed White of Apollo I

John F. Kennedy during his Rice University Speech in 1962

Then we browsed through a museum of an extremely in depth collection of space memorabilia which included a complete mission control room from America’s early days in space. After that it was time for Dixie Crossroads.

We got there around 12:30 pm and ordered drinks and started nibbling on these donut hole/funnel cake things. We honestly didn’t leave until around 4 pm. We were in no hurry and were more than happy to wait for Hannah and Matt. I had 6 coconut and 6 bacon wrapped shrimp which were all amazing. Hands down, best seafood I’ve had.

The rest of the day, the #MQF crew just chilled. We actually had a really epic tweetfest. 

#Launchpad and #MQF filled the pipelines with hashtags galore. It’s almost midnight and we’re just about to head to bed.

Tomorrow is the day, go big or go home.

Signing off.

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