Monday, September 5, 2011

16 Hours

Greetings humans. I am freaking out.

In 16 hours I will be taking off on a Canadair Jet headed for the Windy City and then onwards to Orlando. I'll be skipping seven classes in total during my first three days of college.

I'm getting all my gadgets and chargers packed up for the trip - a ton of tech gear.

During my trip I will be meeting the first women in space, one of 12 men to step foot on the moon, the administrator of NASA, and 149 other amazing tweeps.

Anyone interested in reading the article in the Oregon Observer about the Tweetup click here.

Feel free to tweet any questions to @Garrettishere or message me on Facebook.


  1. I *might* have missed a day of school, here or there, to tune in live to a Shuttle launch when I was growing up. Missing your first 7 classes to attend a once-in-a-lifetime launch NASATweetup? w00t! The best learning is hands-on and in the field, anyway! :-)

  2. say hi to buzz for me!!! ps. your going to mars right?

  3. shannon: My mom called me out for shuttle launches hehe. As for skipping classes, I ended up skipping a few more to stay until saturday. Soooooo worth it though!
    Garrett: I said hi to buzz but there wasn't really a response. Turns out they left the moon awhile ago...
    Linzie, Julie: It was a blast :)