Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Week until Liftoff

Hello all and welcome to my humble blog. For my first post I will basically sum-up in words as to how unbelievably excited I am to be attending such a magical event. However, due to the unfortunately extreme excitement caused by such an event, it cannot actually be put to words.

You may be wondering, "What is this tweetup thing?" Essentially, NASA invites 150 human beings (sorry beavecoons) to Kennedy Space Center for a launch, in this case the launch of Gravity Recovery and Interior Labratory (GRAIL). While said individuals are at KSC they are given access to facilities and areas not even the press gets access to. All those people tweet and blog about the whole shebang and NASA gets major PR points.

I happen to be one of those 150 people.

Thus, I hope you will all sit tight and enjoy the ride. Lots of pictures and posts to come and they'll be coming fast. Any questions you have I will gladly answer.